Having welcomed you aboard, we want you to stay!


Winning new customers is important but we recognise that keeping them and keeping them happy is crucial. Here's how we look after you . . .

Rapid Start


One of the great advantages of Jobzooma is that as soon as you're ready, you can start using it and benefiting from it. There's no delay for training or data migration or onboarding. Whilst all these important steps will take place based on a timely implementation plan, day 1, you can be up and running, searching and finding candidates, posting jobs and chasing down new leads - literally within minutes. 

The Forever Honeymoon


Typically all new supplier relationships start well but maintaining that initial 'honeymoon' feeling is, for us, imperative. We recognise that apathy and indifference are the main causes of client dis-satisfaction and we do everything we can to ensure you feel valued as a client. We conduct regular client surveys and react to feed back.

One 2 One Support


Every Jobzooma client is assigned a dedicated account manager whose job it is to make sure you feel welcome as a new Jobzooma customer and ensure you get the best possible results from the system. Your account manager will liaise with you regarding initial and ongoing training for your team.

The Real People Help Line


The absence of electronic answering is conspicuous at Jobzooma. We have real people answering your helpline calls. No long waits or horrendous holding music. Our help line team is fully trained to respond to your questions and help you get the best from the system.