Everything a recruiter needs.

From one easy to use dashboard.

Post to multiple job boards with one click

Auto updating of

your CV database

Unlimited watch dogs and hot lists

Real Time Job Market Intelligence


Get your recruitment team firing on all cylinders!

One of your most costly overheads is the team you employ to find the people to fill the vacancies you need to fill, so making sure they have everything they need at their finger tips so that they have the best chance to meet their objectives is paramount. 

Trying to stitch together different technology tools to give your team everything they need has always been costly, cumbersome and inefficient. Now there is a better alternative.

Jobzooma provides a complete recruitment solution from one dashboard. Fast, powerful search access to millions of candidates, easy job posting, smart screening, applicant tracking and account management are all included in

the Jobzooma suite.

Candidats search

Jobzooma utilises ground breaking A.I. search technology to enable search our CV database of over 4.5 million candidates offering a wide range of active candidates across multiple sectors. Through Jobzooma's unique CV Exchange, CV's are dynamically updated every second of every day, generating around 250,000 updates every month.

Jobzooma can provide you with immediate access to it's CV database via its powerful, yet simple to use search technology, making it easy for you to find the right candidates in record time, reducing the number of vacancies that you pay to advertise and getting your candidates in front of the client faster than the competition.

Make our CV database your CV database

Fast and easy multi-posting to job boards

multi post vacancy

The Jobzooma job board is fully integrated the UK’s largest applicant traffic providers, such as Indeed, Zip Recruit, Google and Adzuna, ensuring maximum exposure and helping your job vacancy reach a potential audience of 20 million job seekers. 

Getting your job vacancies posted on all the right job boards is vital in the race to get your jobs in front of as many of the right candidates as fast as possible.

The Jobzooma multiposting tool enables you to create one job ad and publish it to multiple job boards at the click of a button.


Applicant tracking and account management systems lie at the heart of most recruitment teams.

The Jobzooma ATS and CRM systems are genuine cloud based solutions that incorporate all of comprehensive functionality that a recruiter needs to find and engage with the right candidates and manage their relationships with both their internal and external clients - without getting stifled by complex technology that hampers, rather than helps their work flow.

applicant tracking

Track applicants efficiently and build solid relationships

See who's advertising? what are they paying?

24/7 hot leads and market intelligence

recruitment lead generation

Stop wasting valuable time pouring through job board adverts looking for employer details to generate new leads or find out who's recruiting. 

Jobzooma can deliver new hot market intel directly to you every day. Using smart web scraping technology, we pull current vacancy intelligence from thousands of employer career sites, job boards and social media platforms and provide them to you in a structured data format, including contact details, that’s easy to search. giving you a head start in securing new business from employers you know are recruiting. 

Speed is of the essence in searching for the right applicants and the process of sorting the possibles from the no hopers is both time consuming and costly.   


Our smart screening technology ranks applicants accurately against against job descriptions bringing the best matches to the top of the list.

The Jobzooma smart screening technology dramatically reduces the time it takes to sift through scores of applicant CV's to find the most suitable applicants as quickly as possible, significantly shortening the candidate search process.

smart applicant screening

Smart screening takes the leg work out of shortlisting

24 hour recruitment with watch dogs and hot lists

rcruitment watchdogs

Recruiter while you sleep! Save your candidate search as a watchdog and you'll be instantly notified of suitable candidate matches as they arrive on the Recruiterbase network - 24/7.


RecruiterBase constantly checks for matches while you get on with the next role search, improving your workflow and saving your consultants valuable time and effort.

Auto CV updating

auto cv updating

Traditionally candidate CV databases have been impossible to maintain and end up simply as repositories of ageing CV's.

This is no longer permissible with the advent of the new GDPR legislation. To comply, you will either need to demonstrate a discernible means of maintaining the currency of your CV database or risk losing it. 

Our totally unique auto CV updating service automatically checks the UK's largest CV data exchange of over 10 million CV's for the most up to date information on every candidate CV that you have in your CV pool - every second of every day. Ensuring your CV data is always as current and turning your internal CV pool into a genuinely valuable asset.