Our AI Machine Learning Technology

“More Than Just Job Posting” 

Jobzooma's super smart semantic matching technology uses the latest AI (artificial intelligence) technology to automatically scan, match and email your jobs to suitable jobseekers across all the major recruitment networks and major job boards throughout the UK and Europe, delivering more of the right applicants directly into your inbox. 

What Is Semantic Matching?

Where most job boards rely simply on key word matching, our semantic matching more accurately judges the relevance of a job advert based on a sophisticated model that understands what you mean rather than what you type. It matches based on an holistic profile, assigning context, time values and meaning to all the data on candidate profiles. 

For example, it recognises that someone who is currently a mid-level java developer is a far better match for a java programming job than someone who is now a manager with previous Java programming experience.

The Most Accurate Results


The accuracy of our semantic matching means that, for every job you post, you will receive a relevant shortlist of suitable applicants from all available sources.

So, all you need to do is post your job vacancy and job alerts are automatically set up to invite candidates from our own CV database as well as our comprehensive network of external CV databases and social media to apply for your jobs.