Our AI Machine Learning Technology

“More Than Just Keyword Search” 



Jobzooma's super smart search and matching technology combines our comprehensive knowledge of the job market with the latest AI (artificial intelligence) matching technology to provide a CV search platform that’s both more accurate and more robust.

Technology that 'Understands'

Jobzooma’s intelligent search technology ‘understands’ the context of your job description, either typed or uploaded, which enables efficient automatic matching of your vacancy to all the CVs that are relevant, without any effort on your part.

It matches based on an holistic profile, assigning context, time values and meaning to all the data on each candidate record. In addition, a domain-specific semantic layer provides more meaningful search results. 

We only present the best matches


Our AI matching engine rejects 90% of false matches. Most searching and matching software buries good matches amongst the bad ones, whereas, we surface the best results immediately. Other engines will report a poor match as “100%” just because it’s the best available. 

Our intelligent engine not only delivers the best matches, but it also explains how and why it produced them and offers tips to improve the results.