About Jobzooma

Jobzooma is the result of a journey that started over 15 years ago, leveraging technology that has continued to evolve over many years and benefiting from multi million pound investment.


In recruitment terms, the end result is remarkable.

The first truly 360 degree cloud based recruitment solution

Jobzooma is a complete suite of fully synchronised recruitment software tools that spans the entire recruitment process - all from one dashboard - without the need to cobble together incompatible recruitment software from different suppliers or continually hop back and forth between different systems.

The origins of Jobzooma lie in iProfile, the business that pioneered the development of Europe's largest CV data exchange, allowing recruiters to maintain the currency of their own CV databases at a time when internet driven candidate access was still emerging.

The assets of iProfile were acquired by Jobzooma Ltd in 2017. Jobzooma is the result of combining the best of the iProfile technology with more current and broader functionality to deliver the first truly 360 degree cloud based recruitment solution designed specifically for recruitment agencies and addresses a range of key functions that every agency needs - without being over complicated or overburdened with unneeded and unused functionality.



Typically, recruitment agencies have, in the past, been forced because of lack of available technology, to stitch together a collection of different recruitment software tools that were never designed to work in unison. This has generally proved inefficient, technically clumsy and costly.

Jobzooma is a smart, fully comprehensive recruitment technology tool kit providing everything a recruitment agency needs.